Nordic Hotel Consulting provides a broad selection of hospitality advisory services. 


NHC offers a range of advisory services primarily for investors, developers and banks. Our consulting services include:

  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Property and project valuations
  • Tourism planning and development
  • Spa and wellness consulting

Primary clients include:

  • Institutional investors
  • Private equity funds
  • Listed real estate companies
  • Specialized hotel investment funds
  • Family offices and private real estate companies
  • Developers
  • Banks
  • Governmental and tourism promotion organizations

NHC prepares feasibility studies to assess the economic viability of a hotel project. Studies include analysis of both new hotel projects, conversions of existing properties, and optimisation of existing hotels.

Our analyses are based on a thorough review of economic trends, the hotel property market’s historical performance, and expected future developments. They also provide an assessment of the location and profile of the given project, including potential recommendations on rooms and facilities, as well as a benchmark of operating results of selected competitors. Our analyses are always founded on and concluded with forecasts of operating performance (P&L). Further than merely preparing an assumed operating performance, for each individual project we assess key items like expected rental income/owner income; ability to attract operators and what operators are relevant, expected contract terms and how these elements likely will impact value of the project. These analyses are tailored to the specific profile of the client.

In today’s market, feasibility studies are absolutely essential as they represent an objective assessment of the economic viability of a project to a developer or investors. It serves as an indispensable tool for dialogue and negotiations with operators and for securing financing for the project. NHC has carried out a series of feasibility studies across the Nordics.

NHC is one of the leading consultancies in the market, providing specialised hotel property valuations. We further offer valuations of larger portfolios, hotel companies and restaurants. NHC has unique expertise in and knowledge of hotel transactions tracking all Nordic markets. Being involved in several transactions yearly combined with close conversations with investors and owners give us a deep understanding of the required returns. Furthermore, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of the local markets and understand the development of the hotel market in the Nordics. At NHC, we base our valuations of properties on a thorough review of operations and P&L forecasts with calculations based on the discounted cash flow method and sales comparisons – always sanity testing towards market trends in yields and investors return requirements.

NHC provides advisory and consulting to a growing spa and wellness market, including business plans and feasibility studies. Typically, a feasibility study can include the following: Market analysis, spa trends analysis, competitive analysis, supply and demand analysis, guest mix analysis, project description, SWOT analysis, 5-year budget, and recommendations concerning size, capacity, profile, and facilities. Furthermore, we can develop a business plan for your project. This is relevant for a new project after a feasibility study has established that it is a sound investment; or for an existing spa, which does not realise its full potential and needs revitalising. For existing spas, a business plan can be part of an operations optimisation process, which is tailored to the needs of the client. In some cases, that would involve developing and introducing a new concept, giving the spa a fresh start. In other instances, we maintain the existing concept and focus on daily operations, pinpointing areas of improvement and addressing these to increase revenue and/or reduce costs.


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